Miami - Cinvestav Collaboration Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series

The University of Miami Department of Mathematics in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics of Cinvestav is happy to announce the first distinguished joint scholar in residence at Cinvestav:

May 29-31, 2017. Auditorium José Ádem, Cinvestav-IPN

15:00 Hrs.
Prof. Steve Cantrell
Director, University of Miami Institute for Theoretical and Mathematical Ecology

Prof. Cantrell is a world expert in mathematical ecology and he will deliver the lectures:

Resource Matching in Ecology and Evolutionary Advantage in Spatially Heterogeneous Habitats

Abstract: In this series of talks we will examine the role resource matching as a dispersal strategy plays in predicting evolutionary advantage in mathematical models of species growth and dispersal in spatially heterogeneous but temporally constant habitats. There is a remarkable confluence of the notions of line sum symmetry from mathematics, ideal free distribution from ecological theory, and evolutionary stability from adaptive dynamics or game theory that addresses this question. The resulting answer is robust across a wide range of mathematical frameworks, including reaction-diffusion-advection models, discrete diffusion models, intergro-differential models, and metapopulation models of natal dispersal. We will trace the development of this theory from both historical and mathematical perspectives and highlight future challenges.

Organizing Committee:

Jacob Mostovoy
Phillip Griffiths
Ludmil Katzarkov
Ernesto Lupercio