Solomon Lefschetz Memorial Lecture Series

The Department of Mathematics Cinvestav continues the tradition of the Solomon Lefschetz Memorial Lecture Series in honor of Professor Solomon Lefschetz. The event takes place in the fall and is presented by a mathematician of international distinction.

Solomon Lefschetz was born in Moscow and studied in Paris and at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Lefschetz began working as an engineer in the United States; after losing both hands in an accident, he became interested in mathematics. He taught (1924-1953) at the universities of Mexico and Princeton, where he also served as editor of Annals of Mathematics. Among his contributions to the study there stands out the topology of algebraic varieties. His mathematical legacy is immense. He was honored for his work with various international awards.

Solomon Lefschetz Speakers

Conference XVII 2015
Sir Roger Penrose (OM FRS)
Universidad de Oxford
November 3, 4 and 5, 2015

XVI Conference 2012
Yasha Eliashberg (Oswald Veblen Price2001)
Stanford University
December 13-14, 2012

XV Conference 2011
Edward Witten (Fields Medal 1990, Poincaré Price 2006, Crafoord Price 2008)
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
November 1, 3 and 4, 2011

XIV Conference 2008
Michael Hopkins (Veblen Prize 2001)
Harvard University
October 22-24, 2008
Valle de Bravo, Mexico

XIII Conference 2007
“Quantum Field Theory and Non-commutative Geometry”
Graeme Segal
November 14-15, 2007 1pm
Jose Adem Auditorium

XIII Conference 2006
"Three Lectures on String topology"
Dennis Sullivan (Veblen Prize 1971, King Faisal Prize 1994, National Medal of Science USA 2004, Leroy P Steele Prize 2006)
November 22-24, 2006 12:30
Jose Adem Auditorium

XIII Conference 2005
"Hodge structures in non-commutative geometry"
Prof. Maxim Kontsevich (Fields Medalist 1998, Crafoord Prize 2008)
September 8-9, 2005 16:30
Jose Adem Auditorium

X Conference
Sergo Albeverio

IX Conference
P. Maslov

VIII Conference
Ya G. Sinai (Boltzmann Medal 1986, Dirac Medal 1992, Wolf Prize 1997, Nemmers Prize 2002)

Conference VII
William Thurston (Fields Medalist 1982)

Conference VI
David Mumford (Fields Medalist 1974, Shaw Prize 2006, Leroy P Steele Prize for mathematical exposition 2007, Wolf Prize 2008)

Conference V
John Milnor (Fields Medalist 1962, National Medal of Science USA 1967, Leroy P Steele Prize for contributions 1982, Wolf Prize 1989, Leroy P Steele Prize for mathematical exposition 2004)

Conferencia IV
Shing S. Chern (National Medal of Science USA 1975, Wolf Prize 1984, Shaw Prize 2004)

Conference III
Enrico Bombieri (Fields Medalist 1974)

Conference II
Sir Michael Atiyah (Fields Medalist 1966, King Faisal Prize 1987, Abel Prize 2004)

Conference I
Jack Hale