PhD Program Admission

The Department of Mathematics of the Cinvestav-IPN invites all those interested in pursuing our PhD Program to submit an application.


  • Master’s degree in mathematics (or similar degree).
  • Selection of an advisor from our Department.

    NOTE: Before applying for admission to the Doctoral Program, the student should contact a professor and request him/her to be the advisor. The list of professors may be consulted here.


All candidates to the PhD program should submit via Internet the following documents:

  • Professional Resume.
  • Certificate/Diploma of Master’s degree in mathematics issued by the Cinvestav, or similar degree.
  • Motivation letter (maximum one page) to the Head of the Department.
  • Letter from advisor to the Head of the Department requesting the assistance of the applicant. In this letter, the advisor must set out the reasons why he agreed to work with the applicant, as well as a possible working plan.
  • Two letters of recommendation written by mathematicians, expressing the candidate’s mathematical skills and academic level, providing information about the content of the accredited courses (i.e. textbooks used, etc). Such letters must contain the institution's letterhead and signatures of who prepared.
  • Diplomas, awards, publications, theses or any other articles written by the candidate to document his or her formal mathematics education (in case of publications send only the front cover).

Application Reception Timeframe:

The application form reception via Internet is open throughout the year here

IMPORTANT: Applicants wishing to take a doctorate in September 2017 should present the written exam on June 30, 2017. More information will be sent after receiving your completed application.

Beginning of Term:

September 1, 2017


For additional information contact:
Academic Coordinator’s Office
Dr. Ruy Fabila Monroy
Phone: +52 (55) 5747-3800 Ext. 6439
E-mail: ruyfabila+coordinacion [@]

Admissions & Student Services
Roxana Martinez
Phone: +52 (55) 5747-3870
E-mail: roxana [@]