The Master’s Degree and PhD programs offered by the Department of Mathematics of the Cinvestav-IPN are included in the National Register of Graduate Programs (known as PNPC in Mexico) of the National Committee of Science and Technology (known as CONACyT in Mexico) at the level of "International Competence". Students who are admitted to any program of the Department of Mathematics are therefore eligible to apply for scholarships offered by CONACyT.

The Department of Mathematics does NOT grant scholarships to support graduate programs because these are granted by CONACyT.

Admissions take place in January and August and the requirements are:

1. CONACyT Scholarship Application form

2. Being enrolled in an on-campus program (distance programs are not allowed) registered in the PNPC.

3. Add or update your Professional resume/curriculum vitae registered and updated on the CONACyT web site.

4. Having an average of 8.0 at least (or equivalent grade) in the previous educational level.

5. Certificate of 100% of credits

6. Official Identification Card

7. Being a full-time student

8. Previous scholarship holders of CONACyT scholarships must have graduated from the corresponding educational program and submit the release letter for that scholarship.

9. Submit all documents to the Department of Scholarship Programs of the Cinvestav so all information can be entered into the CONACyT web site.

10. Other additional documents required during the admissions period.