Master's Degree Admission

The Department of Mathematics of the Cinvestav-IPN invites all those interested in pursuing a Master’s Degree to submit their application form for the semester I-2018.

Application reception timeframe

November 1 to 30, 2017

Application form reception via Internet: here


All candidates to the Master’s degree program should submit via Internet the following documents before the admissions deadline:

  • Professional Resume
  • Certificates/Diplomas in mathematics courses or similar subjects (in case of not having the certificate or diploma, you can submit a letter from the university or the last grade report from the bachelor degree program or official academic transcript)
  • A letter expressing why you want to pursue a master’s degree in our department, stating whether you choose a Master's in computational mathematics or a Master's in basic mathematics.
  • Two letters of recommendation from mathematicians expressing the candidate’s mathematical skills and academic level, providing enough information about the content of the courses accredited (i.e. textbooks used, etc). Such letters must contain the institution's letterhead and signatures of who prepared.

NOTE: Departement of Mathematics does not offer preparatory courses.

Admission Exam

The admission exam will take place on friday 15, december 2017 at 11 Hrs in the Department of Mathematics main office. It will reviewed by the admission committee.

NOTE: If you can not take the admission exam in any of our venues, you can submit it remotely; in that case, send us an email to schedule the exam:

Zacatenco Unit, Department of Mathematics (Head Office).
Querétaro Unit, Department of Mathematics (Admissions).

The day of the exam an official ID must be presented.

Previous Admission Exams
(The exam is the same for both Master’s degree programs)

Beginning of Term

March 1, 2018


For additional information contact:

Academic Coordinator’s Office
Dr. Ruy Fabila Monroy
Phone: +52 (55) 5747-3800 Ext. 6439
E-mail: ruyfabila+coordinacion [@]

Admissions & Students Services
Roxana Martinez
Phone: +52 (55) 5747-3870
E-mail: roxana [@]

Admissions Querétaro
Dr. R. Michael K. Porter
Phone: +52 (442) 211-9914
E-mail: mike [@]