International School on
TQFT, Langlands and Mirror Symmetry
Opening Conference of the Institute for Geometry and Physics Miami-Cinvestav-Campinas (IGP-MCC)

Confirmed Speakers:
matthew BALLARD
colin DIEMER
alexander EFIMOV
david FAVERO
sergei GALKIN
fabian HAIDEN
umut ISIK
dmitrii KALEDIN
gabriel KERR
alexander NOLL
pranav PANDIT
seo-ree PARK
helge RUDDAT
constantin TELEMAN

What, When,Where:
Talks, Courses. January 23 to January 30, 2012 Miami, Florida & January 31 to February 4, 2012 Huatulco, Mexico.

Ludmil Katzarkov (Miami)
Maxim Kontsevich (IHES)
Elizabeth Gasparim (New Mexico)
Isidoro Gitler (SMM)
Ernesto Lupercio (Cinvestav)

The conference hotel is:

To get to HUATULCO you must fly to Mexico City and then fly to Huatulco.
To get to the hotel you take a Cab from the Airport.
Flights to Huatulco can be bought at :

Jan 31, Tue Feb 1, Wed Feb 2, Thu Feb 3, Fri Feb 4, Sat
10 am Kerr Kaledin Efimov Ballard
11 am Katzarkov Pandit Teleman Favero
12 noon Park Verjovsky Prizhalkovskii Ruddat
3 pm Galkin Diemer Zharkov
4 pm Dimitrov Mikhalkin Noll
5 pm Isik Discussion Discussion

REGISTRATION: Jan 31st Tuesday 9 am to 10 am. $30 USD
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Session Chairmen:
Tuesday Morning : Lupercio       Afternoon: Xicotencatl
Wednesday Morning: Salmeron       Afternoon: Mostovoy
Friday Morning: Maya       Afternoon: Katzarkov
Saturday Morning: Verjovsky


Secondary Stacks and Toric Hypersurface Degenerations by Colin Diemer:

Abstract: The topology of hypersurfaces in toric varieties is largely governed by the structure of triangulations of the corresponding newton polytopes. The combinatorial gadget encoding these triangulation is a by now classical polytope called the secondary polytope. I'll discuss various enhancements of this polytope which afford more refined information about toric hypersurfaces. This is part of joint work with Katzarkov and G. Kerr.

Phase Change and Homological Projective Duality by David Favero:

Abstract: I will explain the consequences of toric phase change (physically predicted by Herbst, Hori, and Page, and mathematically described by Herbst and Walcher, and generalized by Ballard, Katzarkov, and myself) on homological projective duality, as introduced by Kuznetsov. I will remind the audience of the toric phase change picture, and discuss the case of the homological projective dual to the Veronese embedding for arbitrary degree.

Homologically minimal fourfolds by Sergei Galkin:

Abstract: In joint work with Anton Mellit we show that four-dimensional variety with a full exceptional collection of 5 coherent sheaves is biregular isomorphic to the projective fourspace.

Trace theories and localization by Dimitry Kaledin.

Tropical caustics and enumeration of real curves in the plane by Grigory Mikhalkin:

Abstract: The caustic is an enveloppling hypersurface for a family of curves (cf. caustics in optics where family of curves is formed by light rays). Caustics form walls in configuration spaces where the number ofreal curves jump in positive genus. These walls disappear in the tropical limit. This disappearance is responcible for invariance of planar Welschinger numbers also in positive genus. The talk will explain this phenomenon.

Discrete Legendre transforms and Landau Ginzburg models by Helge Ruddat:

Abstract: We discuss some complements of my joint work with Mark Gross and Ludmil Katzarkov on mirror symmetry for varieties of general type. In particular, we explain how the employed duality of Landau-Ginzburg models is related to the discrete Legendre transform of Gross and Siebert. We will address the generalized homological mirror symmetry conjecture, Hochschild (co-)homology and Orlov's theorem on hypersurfaces in projective space.

List of Participants:

1. Dimitry Kaledin
2. Ludmil Katzarkov (U. Miami)
3. Victor Przyjalkowski
4. Constantin Teleman (Berkeley)
5. Helge Ruddat
6. Alexander Efimov
7. Alberto Verjovsky (UNAM)
8. Sergei Galkin
9. Jacob Mostovoy (Cinvestav)
10. Grigory Mikhalkin (U. Geneva)
11. Miguel Xicotencatl (Cinvestav)
12. Ernesto Lupercio (Cinvestav)
13. Seo-Ree Park
14. Lucila Roque
15. David Favero
16. Colin Diemer
17. Gabriel Kerr
18. Fabian Haiden
19. George Dimitrov
20. Carlos Perez
21. Pranav Pandit
22. Umut Isik
23. Matthew Ballard
24. Alexander Noll
25. Renato Salmeron
26. Daniel Maya
27. Joaquin Maya
28. Juliho Castillo
29. Hugo Garcia Compean