International Workshop Combinatorial and Computational
Aspects of Optimization, Topology and Algebra (Aspectos Combinatorios y Computacionales de Optimización, Topología y Algebra)


Under special circumstances, we might be able to cover (partially or totally) the accommodation expenses for some participants. If you need financial support, please write an e-mail to: laura [at] or accota [at]

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Dear Colleague:

It is a pleasure to announce that our next workshop ACCOTA'2010, will be held November 22 to 26, 2010 in the beautiful Rivera Maya town of Playa del Carmen, México. As in earlier ACCOTA’s, our aim is to bring together mathematicians interested in combinatorics and computing, and their interactions. The Workshop’s lectures and contributed papers, as well as the informal mathematical discussions, have proved to be of great interest to participants in previous years. Each discipline represented in the meeting can be of great use in each of the other disciplines, and the purpose of the Workshop is to increase the interaction among researchers in each of the fields represented.

As in ACCOTA’96, ACCOTA’98, ACCOTA’2000, ACCOTA’2002, ACCOTA’2004, ACCOTA’2006 and ACCOTA’2008 workshops, we are expecting internationally recognized mathematicians in the areas of combinatorics and computer science to participate in the workshop this year.

For this Workshop, we hope to count with most of our previous participants, for whom we are asking confirmation: G. Aguilar, A. Alcántar, G. Araujo, D. Archdeacon, J. Arocha, C. Balbuena, M. Balinski, D. Bokal, J. Bokowski, V. Bonanzinga, J. Bonin, A. Bouchet, V.J. Bracho, J. Brennan, G. Calvillo, C. Colbourn, M. Chari, M. Chudnovsky, J.A. De la Peña, A. de Mier, G. De Ita, J. Edmonds, S. Eliahou, G. Even, R. Faudree, A. Flores, H. Galeana, E. Gallegos, E. García-Moreno, L.D. García P., I. Gitler, H. Glover, L. Goddyn, M. Goemans, J.M. Gómez,R. Gould, A. Guedes de O., A. Hansberg, P. Hell, M. Herlihy, P. Hlineny, M. Jacobson, R. Jajcay, I. Janovitz, T.R. Jensen, H.A. Juárez, G. Karolyi, A. Kelmans, K. Knauer, B. Korte, G. Kortsarz, J. Kratochvil,A. Kundgen, F. Larrión, I. López, R. López-Bracho, J.O. Loyola, F. Luca,W. Mader, J. Martínez-Bernal, D. Mayhew, A. Menezes, C. Merino, L. Mendoza, G. Mohar, L.P. Montejano, J.J. Montellano, G. Morales-Luna, U.S.R. Murty,W. Myrvold, D. Naddef,J. Nesetril, S. Norine, M. Noy, D. Oliveros, M. Olsen, B. Oporowski, E. O’Reilly, E. Oshea, J. Pach, R. Palma. D. Peleg,M.A. Pizaña, S. Provan, S. Rajsbaum,J. Ramírez-Alfonsín, I. Rapaport, M.P. Revuelta, E. Reyes, B. Richter, E. Rivera, N. Robertson, G. Rodríguez, R. Rojas, D. Romero, M. Ruszinko, F. Sagols, G. Salazar, A. Sánchez-Flores, Y. Sano, I. Sarmiento, R. San Agustín, J. Seade, P. Seymour, B. Shepherd, M. Simonovits, J. Solymosi, A. Sprague, R. Strausz, J.L. Szwarcfiter, H. Tapia,R. Thomas, K. Truemper, J. Urrutia, C.E. Valencia,J.C. Valenzuela, E. Vallejo, L. Verde,J. Verstraete, D. Vertigan, R. Villarreal, R. Villarroel, L.A. Vinh. D.Welsh, G. Whittle, P.Wiederhol, P. Wollan, F. Zaragoza, E. Zeron, R.E. Zuazua.

We are also extending invitations to other colleagues and will notify their participation once confirmed.

The program is planned to include 40 talks. Because of the limited number of time slots, we would greatly appreciate if you would let us know whether or not your intention to participate before March 15, 2010. (Please fill in the registration form at Participants who wish to give a talk are asked to submit a title and abstract of their talk.

Because of budget cuts and restraints in our national scientific programs we can only promise to make our best effort to cover a part of the travel expenses or hotel expenses for exceptional requests. We can only cover a very small number of expense petitions.

The members of the organizing committee are: Gabriela Araujo (Imate-UNAM), Isidoro Gitler (CINVESTAV-IPN), Sergio Rajsbaum (Imate-UNAM), Enrique Reyes (CINVESTAV-IPN), Feliu Sagols (CINVESTAV-IPN), Gelasio Salazar (IICO-UASLP), and Francisco Zaragoza (UAM-Azc).

Sponsors: Departamento de Matemáticas CINVESTAV-IPN, IMATEUNAM, and CONACYT.

A second announcement will be sent in June to all who intend to participate and have let us known so. All relevant information (final program, hotels and reservations, transportation, etc.) will be available at the Internet address

We look forward to seeing you in Playa del Carmen, and we hope that you will feel encouraged to attend.

Isidoro Gitler
Departamento de Matemáticas

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