Math. dep. of CINVESTAV International Workshop
Operator Algebras, Toeplitz Operators, and Related Topics
November 13-19, 2018
Boca del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico



The Workshop will be held in the Hotel Punta Azul, Boca del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico, from November 13 (arrival day) to November 19 (departure day), 2018.


The 50 min. lectures at the Workshop are to be given by special invitation of the Organizing Committee.
We plan to have as well 25 min. contributed talks.

Registration and Fee

Those who are interested to assist in the Workshop are welcomed to register via link Registration.
The deadline for registration is October 10, 2018.

On site registration will start on Tuesday, November 13 at 17:00 in the lobby of the Hotel Punta Azul.

The registration fee is 100 USD, or 1800 Mexican pesos, to be paid by all participants during the on site registration.
The registration fee for students and postdocs is 50 USD, or 900 Mexican pesos.
The fee covers welcome reception, coffee breaks, and conference materials.

However Mexican participants, who need an official fiscal confirmation (factura) of their registration fee, should pay the fee before October 15, 2018 via the link

following the instructions therein.


Please submit your (not exceeding one page) abstract to Organizing Committee at using the following abstract templates Abstract_oatort.tex and Abstract_oatort.pdf
The deadline for the abstract submission is October 10, 2018.

How to get to Hotel Punta Azul

The nearest airport is the Veracruz International Airport (VER).
The following airlines fly to VER:

Aeromexico Connect
United Airlines

United Airlines is the only carrier that travels directly between Veracruz and the United States, and its trip between Houston and Veracruz takes only about two hours and 15 minutes. However, many of the airlines serving VER connect in the Mexico City International Airport (MEX), which serves 26 airlines.

You can also mix airlines, booking with one airline for the flight to MEX, and with another for the flight from MEX to VER.

From the VER airport you can get to Hotel Punta Azul by taxi (12km). The taxi ride takes about 25 min. There is no public transportation from the airport to Boca del Rio.